Pet center Inc

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The History Of Pet Center, Inc.

Pet Center, Incorporated (PCI), a California corporation, was established in 1978. Their mission was to provide the pet industry with the best possible products for companion animals. PCI places great importance on ethics and by doing so has built solid relationships with its suppliers, customers and its employees. PCI pioneered the natural treat area of the pet industry. PCI and its employees have always been involved with companion animals, and are all animal lovers. The health and happiness of your pets is just as important as their own. That is why PCI has been servicing the needs of pet owners for almost 30 years by manufacturing nutritious and natural treats!

Quality standards

No expense is spared and only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of our premium products. All of our raw materials come from USDA approved establishments, and none of our raw materials are secured from rendering facilities. Meaning most of our raw materials are destined for human consumption. PCI undergoes routine fumigation to eliminate the possibility of insect infestation, which is a common problem with natural treats. All of PCI's natural treats are manufactured at PCI owned and operated companies in Los Angeles and in China. Once the product arrives in Los Angeles, PCI takes the necessary precautions and has imported products tested for salmonella, e. coli, 2 types of listeria, staph and melamine when applicable. We take pride in manufacturing healthy dog treats for their well being and safety.

Customer Service

PCI wants to hear what you think! Our friendly staff will do their best to service your needs and make sure you are just as satisfied with our service as you are with our products. We love to hear Testimonials! Tell us which PCI treats your best friend loves to indulge in!