Nature's Own - 18" Bully Stick Beef

Article number: N00197
Quantity: 20

The most popular dog treat in the North America is the bully sticks for dogs chew which is one of the most addictive treats out there.  Dogs go crazy for them.  They are a great way to satisfy all dogs’ tendencies to chew.  They also exercise their gums while aiding in maintaining clean teeth. Bully sticks are fully digestible.  These are available in different lengths and package sizes. You can find these in different shapes (spiral, pretzel, braided-call for availability) or in the popular straight lengths of 6″, 12″, 18″ and full length canes.  You will find these with our cigar band label.  You may also find the 6″ and 12″ bully sticks in 18 and 9 packs respectively.  For the aggressive chewer we have the jumbo 6″ and 12″ bully sticks for a longer lasting chew. We occasionally offer off sizes in bulk form to stores.

These treats originate from South America and are chosen from facilities that far exceed those of the pet food industry.  In fact, many of the facilities we choose also produce food for human consumption.  The beef comes from free range cattle that feed off the green fields of South America.  They are allowed to mature naturally. Raising cattle this way provides for lower fat and calorie beef that also demonstrates a higher amount of omega 3 fat.

Nutritional Information: Crude Protein 90% Min, Crude Fat: 1% Max, Crude Fibre: 1% Max, Ash: 2% Max, Moisture: 12% Max.  These are slow dried to lock in all natural flavours.  No Smoke or added flavouring is added.

The individual 12″  and 6″ bully sticks come with a cigar band that have a full colour label, UPC, bilingual print with detailed item description.  The average weight of the 12″ bully sticks is 40 grams.  The 6″ bully stick average weight is 21.5 grams.  The jumbo 12″ bully stick average weight is 60 grams.  12″ and 6″ bully sticks also come in the ever so popular 9 and 18 packs respectively.  These are great for the consumer who goes through these on a regular basis. These are in a clear bag with full color label with bilingual print and UPC.

For smaller dogs we have the 6″ steer bully sticks. Each steer stick averages a weight of 10 grams. These are in an 8 pack bag. They are also available in a bulk 100 pack. These have a hanghole for better display.  You can find the 6″ Multipack with 18 per pack or the 12″ Multipack which has 9 units.  Visit your local pet store for the Nature’s Own Dog Chew product that suits your dog.

It is recommended that your dog be supervised when chewing dog treats or chews. Ensure fresh drinking water is available.

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