Almo Nature

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Founded in 2000 thanks to the experience and intuition of Pier Giovanni Capellino, an entrepreneur who had been working in the field for some time. Almo Nature was the first company in the world to introduce to the market cat and dog foods, made entirely from pure ingredients, no additives, or what in common parlance is known as a natural product, trans-positioning human food into pet food (pet food made with quality ingredients fit for human consumption).

After establishing a new paradigm and standard, continued research is now aimed at further improvement to develop a product of even higher quality, in order to always and only offer the best, from the animals’ point of view. In 2015, even before launching kibble for cats and dogs without meat or fish meal, where 100g of kibble require 170g of fresh meat or fish (originating from sources deemed suitable for human consumption).

Almo Nature foods are made for animals, with their perspective and their well-being at its core.

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