Benny Bully

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Benny Bullys® is a pet food company, specializing in fortified limited ingredient pet treats. Family owned and operated since 1990. The product is sold worldwide with sales mainly in Canada & USA. The brand was founded in Canada, based on the need for pure natural healthy pet treats, and launched through pet specialty dealers, dog trainers & vet clinics. Benny Bullys® was the first to pioneer freeze dried beef livers back in the early 1990’s, recognizing the superior qualities this drying process offers – shelf stable pure meats, retaining the texture and nutrition.

Back in 1990, we sourced the beef livers from Bull cattle, naming it after a local butcher named “Benny”, the brand name Benny Bullys® was born. Since then our company has expanded with a large variety of differentiated formulated treat selections, sold in re-sealable pouches for convenient consumer use.

Since 1990, Benny Bullys® has been a leader in pet treat innovation. Pure beef liver is the “delivery system” used in our new dog (and cat) treats, Liver Plus™, infused with healthy functional inclusions, for our best friends. No Offshore Sources.

Our staff consists of highly skilled food processing engineers, friendly sales and marketing staff, hardworking and dedicated personnel to meet the demands of the pet food customer.