Blue Dane

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Blue Dane’s mission is to provide every dog the experience of eating the healthiest and best tasting treat using apple cider vinegar.
We use the same cuts of meat that you buy from a grocer or specialty butcher shop and use Apple Cider Vinegar to treat our meat.
Blue Dane treats is the first commercial manufacture to focus on a treated muscle meat protein treat.
Blue Dane is known to be one of the safer and healthier treats in today's marketplace.

Why Blue Dane

Have you ever had the opportunity to eat a dry aged steak?

If you have you would know that the enzymes in the meat break down the proteins during the dry age time making the meat soft, tender and absolutely delicious, to the point where the meat tastes like butter in your mouth!

Blue Dane uses a similar proprietary Dry Age technique when drying Blue Dane’s high quality lean proteins. That is why dogs cannot resist Blue Dane.

Coupled with the Apple Cider Vinegar that we use to preserve the meat, the benefits include reducing bacteria on the meat making our proteins some of the safest in pet treats and provides added overall health benefits to the dog’s health.

In fact Apple Cider Vinegar has a substantial amount of benefits for dogs such as reduction in itching, lower blood sugars, better ability to adapt to hot and cold weather and more, read about them on our Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs page.

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