Canada Pooch

Min: C$0 Max: C$55

Thanks for sniffing us out. Since 2011, Canada Pooch has been designing

fashionable and functional dog coats and accessories.

Located in Toronto, Canada our high quality apparel and accessories

will keep your dog protected in the bustling streets of the concrete

jungle or crisp winter mornings at the cottage.

Designed by dog owners and dog lovers, we never use any animal

derived materials like down, fur or leather.

Everything we do at Canada Pooch is guided by 3 main principles:


Your dog needs to feel warm, comfortable and dry.

We equip our dog apparel with functional features like water-resistant

outer materials, adjustable closures and a leash slit that

can also be used with a harness. At Canada Pooch we have designed

our dog coats with both dog and owner in mind,

striving to develop innovative, forward-thinking designs that create

a positive experience for you and your pet.


Your pooch should be as stylish as you are. The Canada Pooch brand

is design-focused and operates like a fashion house

but for your dog! We start planning and designing

for the new season a year ahead and base our dog coat designs

off of popular trends in human fashion.

We want you to be able to see your dog in something you

would wear yourself, and matching with your best friend is always fun.


Your pet deserves top quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

We work with partners that are leaders in design and production in the human outwear industry,

which gives us access to top quality materials that you would see being used

in human winter apparel.

The moment you pick up a Canada Pooch coat, you can feel the difference and quality.