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We're pleased you've dropped by to find out more about us! People say we've "gone to the dogs" and we agree! We have fed fresh foods for over twenty years so you might say we're "pioneers" at it now. In fact, we were feeding raw food long before it became as popular as it is today!

As a result of our commitment and experience we have successfully supported thousands of pet owners across Canada and around the world. It's extremely gratifying to hear from people that are amazed, thrilled and committed to feeding this way. We have seen so many dogs return to health or vastly improve their health and we know that a fresh food diet will help keep them that way.

Over the years, we have prepared and trialed many variations of "natural" diets. Some were learning experiences and others were just too complicated. With the Carnivora, we decided we didn't want to be like other pet food companies and use industry "by-products" and we didn't want to follow the pet food industry standards by using a recipe or formulation based on nutritional assumptions or "science". Instead, we wanted to provide a diet that contained every valuable nutrient available in the neat package of a whole animal. We felt it was important that people not only feed a diet based on a variety of whole animals, but a diet that was tailored toward their dog as an individual. We wanted foods that came from naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic free sources. We wanted to know exactly what the animals we were feeding to our dogs and yours were being fed and how they were raised.

Dogs don't have the opportunity to make diet choices for themselves. We are ultimately responsible for their well being. More and more pet owners are becoming aware of nutrition-related problems with their dogs and are looking for alternatives. We truly believe every dog deserves abundant health and that's really why we do what we do. We have been involved in several raw food companies starting in 1998. Riveriene Farm was the first raw food diet to be manufactured in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was also the first raw food offered in a patty format in Canada. In 2000, we brought Dr. Ian Billinghurst to Saskatoon to teach a seminar on his Bones and Raw Food diet. A short time later, we teamed up with Dr. and Mrs. Billinghurst and partners to form BARF World. In 2003, we resigned our partnership with BARF World and set out to develop the Carnivora, becoming the first and only pet food company to provide a variety of whole animal diets for dogs. We are delighted to be able to finally offer this type of nutrition for companion animals.

Carnivora is the result of our experience on a personal level as well as within the raw pet food industry. The road may have been a long one, but we feel it was a road worth traveling, especially knowing we can make changes for the betterment of future generations of pets.

Carnivora Manufacturing

Carnivora provides high quality fresh frozen products that encompass safe production and handling criteria for the benefit of the consumer as well as their companion animal. Carnivora only accepts healthy, disease-free whole animals from small scale establishments that follow holistic management and feeding practices. The animals are transported to designated slaughter facilities where upon arrival they are humanely slaughtered, and handled according to the Canadian Meat Inspection Act and Regulations. These regulations contain strict facility standards to ensure proper handling of the animal and the safety of the meat/meat product. Slaughter facilities are Federally inspected or meet the regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction in which the slaughter facility is located. Inspection of internal organs is carried out following slaughter and again prior to processing. Carcasses are then transported by refrigerated carrier from the slaughter facility to the Carnivora manufacturing facility for final processing. Carnivora utilizes specialized equipment, which is capable of processing both large and small whole animals, including all types of bones and animal tissues. Carnivora products are processed under refrigerated temperatures and product temperature is constantly monitored throughout the production process. Once processed, products are immediately flash frozen at temperatures of -20 degrees (Celsius) The Carnivora products are cut and packaged under climate controlled temperatures and deep frozen for a minimum of 7 days prior to shipping to resellers.

Whole chicken patties contain the entire bird except feathers and intestines. Whole rabbit patties do not contain the hide, large intestine (manure) or bladder. Lamb and beef patties contain the whole animal with the exception of hides, bladder and large intestine (manure), hooves, horns (if any). We do not use non-edible bones as these would not be totally consumed in nature due to their density.

Carnivora products are presented in 8 oz patties/8 patties to a package. Each patty is separated by a wax paper. We follow the Canadian Guide for the Labeling of Pet Foods which provides consumers with English and French information, nutritional analysis as well as handling and feeding instructions.

The quality and handling of Carnivora fresh frozen foods are important to us. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into producing the Carnivora Whole Animal patties - from collection of animals, to slaughter to processing and packaging. We want to ensure that quality is maintained at all times for our customers and their companions.

Dedicated to the health of your pet!

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