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Why We’re Nuts About Coconuts

When we were little girls, we remember watching our grandma make coconut oil in her small kitchen. She always used the freshest coconuts she could find, usually coconuts from my uncle's farm that had been harvested that day. She took her time as she skillfully separated the coconut water and carved out the coconut meat. It was a tedious process but she didn't cut corners. To her, making the purest, tastiest, most nutritious oil was a labor of love.

You might say that her philosophy towards coconut oil production made a significant impact on us today. Inherently, we know that really good coconut oil is a result of a meticulous process.

Today, our grandmother's philosophy is the foundation of every CocoTherapy product we produce. When we created the company, we wanted to produce really special coconut oil - coconut oil that our grandmother would be proud to call her own.

Aside from taking virgin coconut oil ourselves, we have always given it to our pets on a regular basis. We have numerous personal experiences of how coconut oil has helped our allergic, hypothyroid, or overweight pets. Some of our stories:

 One of our kitty cats, Amanda, a beautiful senior Ragdoll, loved licking coconut oil from our hands and chomping on coconut chips as a snack. Towards the end of her years, Amanda developed kidney disease and was hyperthyroid, and was under the care of a well-known kidney vet in Illinois and a holistic vet. Since beginning her conventional kidney care and taking coconut oil, her over-all kidney function increased from 18% to 20.8% --- much to the delight of her kidney vet, who said that this was not a typical occurrence for kidney function to actually increase. Until the end of Amanda's quality-filled life, coconut oil helps support her natural aging process.

 Violet is our Yorkie with allergies, who we thought was doomed to take Prednisone for the rest her life. Under the care of a wonderful holistic vet, Violet is 100% scratch-free (and 100% Prednisone-free for over 2 years) thanks to a holistic regimen of all-natural supplements and coconut oil. Violet now has a beautiful, long, full-show coat.

 Our dog Maggie was diagnosed with "Borderline Hypothyroidism", by two separate vets, on two separate occasions. "Borderline Hypothyroidism", also called "Sub-Clinical" or "Low-Normal" Hypothyroidism, is a condition where the dog is definitely suffering from a weakened Thyroid system, but it is not yet severe enough to register out of the "Normal Range". In borderline cases, the conventional treatment is to provide the pet with a small thyroid supplement for 30 days just to see if it improves. However, there are risks in this approach. If thyroxine levels become too high, other body organs can be damaged. As we were not prepared to take this risk, and with the advice of a holistic vet, we added coconut oil to Maggie's diet, as coconut oil is known to help support healthy thyroid function. We then had Dr. Jean Dodds, the foremost authority on Canine Hypothyroidism at "Hemopet", run her thyroid tests. We are happy to report, that Maggie's result showed that she no longer had Borderline Hypothyroidism.

We started giving out our coconut oil and coconut chips to our friends whose cat or dog could benefit from coconut oil. Their feedback was rewarding and encouraging, and they wanted to know where they could get more of the "really high-quality" stuff we had. It became apparent to us that it is hard to find really good organic virgin coconut oil, and even more difficult to find organic, pure, non-processed dried coconut chips. So what started out as a love for a product slowly became a mission-of-love to share our oil and chips with other pets as well.

We realize that there are other brands of coconut oil available, but we also know that there are many levels of quality and different ways to produce and manufacture coconut oil. Because we consider our pets as important members of our family, we wanted to provide them with the very best coconut oil available, manufactured in the absolute highest standard in the industry.

We promise you that CocoTherapy© organic virgin coconut oil and organic coconut chips are the best available coconut oil and treat available for you and your pets. CocoTherapy© is 100% natural, human-grade, and you can be confident that you are giving your pets the best coconut oil and coconut chips available.

Believe in Miracles,