Congo Raw Food

Min: C$0 Max: C$200

We wanted the best food for our dogs and couldn't find it.

During many years of dog ownership and dog training, we saw firsthand the inadequacies of processed kibble dog food including health issues and deterioration. Our dogs were not thriving as pets or competitors. So we started our research which laid the foundation for what would become Congo Raw. We wanted top quality biologically appropriate food so our dogs would not only be healthy but would thrive. Yes, there were other raw food products out there, but none satisfied for the criteria which we feel are paramount: quality, value and customer satisfaction. Subsequently, we searched for the best local meats and started feeding our dogs a clean and natural diet of raw foods. Soon thereafter, we began feeding other dogs and now the demand for a natural diet is fortunately growing as more people are becoming aware of the biological and nutritional needs of their pets which are not met by the conventional commercially produced dog food companies.

We’ve done the leg work for you so you can be assured that when you purchase a Congo product it is exactly what you expect: top quality biologically-appropriate nutrition.

Congo Raw supplies premium raw dog food to businesses in Toronto and the GTA,