Dog Gone Smart

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Eight years ago our CEO, animal behaviorist and canine expert Chris Onthank, set out to solve many of the common pet problems we face today. Having worked with dogs his whole life, Chris knows what products work best to keep them healthy, happy and safe.  He also understands how cleanliness and odor control are major concerns of every pet owner.  Dog Gone Smart™ Pet Products is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative pet products in today's market - products that have been tested and REALLY work! Joined by a team of experts from around the world, Dog Gone Smart is known for introducing Nanotechnology to the pet market. Dog Gone Smart continues to stand out in the pet industry as a product innovator, using the latest technologies to develop pet products that improve the quality of life for both pets and their owners. 

Dog Gone Smart’s classic style bedding and apparel are finished with an invisible Nanotechnology called Repelz-it™. Repelz-It prevents liquids, dirt and natural oil in your pet’s coat from sticking to Dog Gone Smart fabrics. Unlike other stain-resistant technologies on the market, Dog Gone Smart products using Repelz-It Nanotechnology are highly abrasion resistant and remain functional for years of use. Repelz-It also uses a safe, state-of-the-art bacteriostatic, which inhibits the spread of certain odor-causing pathogens. Our fabrics can be machine-washed and dried, though the Repelz-It coating means you won’t have to do it as often.

Repelz-it™ Nanotechnology is not only safe to the environment but also to the end user. Dog Gone Smart is not aware of any other fabric finish repellent technology in the pet industry that is both PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perflourooctane sulphonate) free. These, undesirable and potentially unhealthy chemicals are found in many other “stay clean” fabric finishes.  Dog Gone Smart is always improving on all its technology and trying to stay on the forefront of innovation. 

In addition to our coreline Repelz-It™ products of dog beds and crate pads, Dog Gone Smart’s award winning products range from the super-sponge Dirty Dog Doormat™ product line, to the new NINJA Bed for the toughest of chewers.  Our outerwear line is stylish and functional.  As a global manufacturer of innovative pet products, we have expanded to make products for cats and horses too!  

Dog Gone Smart assembles and manufactures its products in India, China and the United States, under strict quality and health standards, making sure that their fabric finishes are safe to the factory workers, the environment and to the end user. With more focus on health throughout the world, Dog Gone Smart continues to experience rapid growth not just in North American and Europe, but in Asia, Australia and South America as well.  Dog Gone Smart also is well positioned to expand further into northern European markets where new health and environmental regulations are being put in place to ban harmful chemicals, those of which Dog Gone Smart does not use in its products.

Dog Gone Smart has experienced rapid growth over the past eight years, but remains steadfast to its core values—a commitment to the health and well-being of pets, pet owners, and the environment we all share.