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EarthPup was founded by Lucy Cullen, an award-winning environmentalist, sustainability expert, and bonafide dog lover. Lucy worked in restaurants for 12 years and loved the industry but was frustrated with the food waste she witnessed every day, which inspired the launch of her first venture, Terus. Terus helped restaurants reduced waste and save money.

From there, Lucy combined her passion for sustainability and dedication to helping dogs alongside her partner Adam Alguire, an acclaimed Toronto chef. Adam has worked in and opened some of the city's top restaurants, including Canoe, Café Cancan, Piano Piano and the County General. 

Working with a holistic vet, Adam used his cooking expertise to formulate recipes that are healthy for pups, use simple ingredients, and also address the food waste issue in Canada. 

Both Lucy and Adam’s time spent in restaurants (it’s also where they met!) planted the seed for creating pet food products inspired by restaurant menus. Because your pups also deserve to be treated to a night out! 

To date, EarthPup has diverted over 1,300lbs of food waste from landfill and in 2020, became the first Certified Plastic Negative pet food company in Canada in partnership with RePurpose Global. Now, EarthPup has grown to expand the product line, created more opportunities for food waste reduction in Canada, and developed their partnerships with rescue organizations to help rescue dogs in need find more homes than ever.