Emuzing Pet

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It was back in 1994 that we ventured into the emu farming business, seeing the tremendous potential that  emu oil and emu meat had for a healthier lifestyle!  And so the journey began…  Since that time, our family grew as we welcomed three wonderful children into our lives.  Like so many parents, it was important to care for them the best we could, and that really did impact the way we looked at products we were using within our household.  We started to do lots of label reading!  We felt a sense of responsibility for our children, making us accountable about the healthiness of each of our products we introduced.

Emu farming is definitely not main-stream, but it has been a real learning experience for us as a family, as we try to educate people about what it has to offer.

The meat is a wonderful red meat, low in fat, but high in iron, and very easy to digest.  It is our professionally-rendered emu oil, however, that has incredible properties for penetrating, as a natural anti-inflammatory and cell regenerator.  We have experienced for ourselves and seen and heard countless testimonies from our customers of the many benefits of using the pure emu oil.  While emu oil is wonderful on its own, it is also a great carrier for other quality ingredients.  With the increasing awareness of potentially harmful ingredients used in so many of today’s products, it became apparent that a safer, more natural alternative should be made available.  That became our vision!  After much research, we worked with manufacturers who take pride in primarily replacing chemical and synthetic ingredients with quality natural extracts, essences and oils.  When carefully researched formulations are enhanced with the incredible properties of emu oil, then you create products that really do make a difference!

It only seemed right to expand our healthy line of products to include “man’s best friends”….our pets.  Whether it is the Emu Meat Sticks, the Emu Leg Bones or simply the raw emu meat, it is loved by even the pickiest!  The pure oil is wonderful for inflammation, skin healing, hot spots, sore muscles and arthritic joints and is reassuring to know that it will not harm your beloved pet if ingested.

We encourage you to read your labels and make the healthier choice.  You can be assured that we will not offer any products that we do not use within our own family!