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We could see the potential. Saskatchewan, Canada is a rich agricultural basin offering many of the essential and innovative ingredients needed to make an unparalleled line of premium foods. We wanted to develop our foods the right way. To formulate, source, manufacture, and ship from our own production facility directly to the market. It's the hard way, but the right way and increasely rare in today's pet food market where many brands typically and too often use third party contractors. We embrace full accountability on the foods that bear our name and ultimately reach your home. We constructed and commissioned our first state of the art plant in the fall of 2007. We source as local as possible and when we need to go farther afield to locate ingredients that meet our high standards our objective is the same. Know who we buy from and clearly understand their standards. Given our regional sourcing advantages and the fact we self manufacture, we are focused on and able to 'pay forward' our cost advantages by offering the best combination of quality and value available today. It remains our mission. To source real and local ingredients, make and ship products to consumers at the best possible price everyday with no compromises....ever.