Merrick pet care

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Our founder, Garth Merrick, started in 1988 with natural dog treats.
One of his first was the Flossie, a hearty, healthy treat that also helps clean dogs’ teeth. It was the first of its kind, but for us it was just the beginning.

Soon we were creating handcrafted, all-natural pet food  
with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available. Why? Because whole foods don’t just taste better — they’re better for your pet. Because good things come in small batches. And because as far as dogs and cats are concerned, handcrafted recipes taste way, way better than scientific formulas.

So we kept making pet food with wholesome, nutritious ingredients from trusted farmers. In 2003, we introduced recipes like Grammy’s Pot Pie, Turducken and Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Then, in 2004, we created our award-winning grain free dry recipes with chicken, beef or buffalo as the first ingredient for the protein and taste dogs love.

And, we didn’t stop there. After more than 20 years of innovation, we started the “Real Food Revolution” in 2012 by reformulating our Classic and Grain Free lines of dog food with new recipes that were unsurpassed in quality, nutrition and taste. And in 2013 the revolution continued with our Purrfect Bistro menu of high-protein, grain-free wet and dry foods in a wide variety of tastes and textures for cats. In 2015, we introduced Merrick Backcountry, the ultimate canine ancestral diet, and Limited Ingredient Diets, simple recipes for dogs and cats with ingredient intolerances or food sensitivities. Today, we continue to craft new recipes to help the Best Pets Ever stay happy and healthy.