Open Farm

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We started Open Farm because we wanted to create a pet food

that animal lovers could feel great about, both because it is made with quality,

nutritious ingredients that promote the health of their pets,

but also because it is produced in a way that respects farm animal

welfare while also having a positive impact on the environment.

We produce grain-free dog and cat food recipes focused on a limited

set of premium proteins, and fruits and veggies that are raised naturally,

responsibly and humanely.

We put great care and effort into sourcing only the highest quality

ingredients from suppliers we know and trust.

Our goal is to drive positive change in the pet industry with respect

to farm animal welfare and sustainability, while creating much cleaner and higher

quality food for dogs and cats.

A critical part of building an ethically driven food is to provide complete transparency

and accountability to pet owners so they can understand what is in their food

and where it comes from.

This is one of our core values and one we have looked to reinforce

by working with independent, industry leading partners who provide

expertise and also audit and certify our supply chain.

To date, our partners include Humane Farm Animal Care,

Ocean Wise, Seafood Watch and Terracycle. By working exclusively with

partners and farms who share our commitment to exceptional quality

and ethical farming practices,

Open Farm creates a better food for your pets while also doing some

good for farm animals, family farms and our environment.

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