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About PowAir

Harness the power of nature! Nature provides and science delivers the power to obliterate offensive odors naturally without harmful chemicals. PowAir’s formulations utilize this power and have been proven effective through years of applied science in industrial odor removal, destroying odors at a molecular level rather than simply masking them.

PowAir’s industrial strength odor eliminating formulations have been proven safe and effective for 20 years in the harshest of industrial and commercial applications. Our exclusive proprietary blend of 40 high quality essential oils are designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of odors than any other odor neutralizer. PowAir is powerful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use around people, pets and plants.

Your home, office, car, or other unpleasantly smelling place may not have the same scale of odors as a sewage treatment plant, but consider that if PowAir works there, it will certainly work for your sweaty gym bag, pet smells, musty basement or cigarette smoke-soaked car seats. Destroy those terrible organic or non-organic odors with PowAir®, a product line developed specifically for the home. Use it with confidence!

PowAir® products are produced by Odorchem Manufacturing Corp who has over two decades experience with its formulations used under different brands such as Air8. Air8 has been successfully eliminating both airborne odors and odor trapped in various materials in industrial waste facilities, chemical plants, fish processing plants, hotels, commercial warehouses, restaurants and many other industries internationally where bad odors are a prime concern.

Rest assured that with PowAir® you’re using products made from natural ingredients that are scientifically tested and proven safe and effective for removing almost any odour from nearly any room or surface in your home – no matter how persistent.


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