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Our story is simple. We used to feed our dogs what was considered a “high quality” commercial kibble. We thought we were on the right track by giving them grain-free food. But they were far from the picture of health – overweight, bloated, always hungry, had loose stinky stools, bad breath – the list goes on. So we began to do some research. It didn’t take long to realize that by feeding our dogs cooked and processed foods we were forcing them to eat in a way that was completely unnatural to them.

We learned that their natural diet consists of raw meat, and that domestication has not changed this. Everything about their physiology screams Meat-Eater! So we made the switch to raw. Needless to say, we never looked back. Within the first week we noticed positive changes, starting with their stool becoming much smaller and less stinky. Barely any waste! This let us know that they were absorbing the nutrients in their food.


They no longer had to eliminate preservatives and filler that their bodies had no use for. Other changes were quick to follow – they became lean and energetic, their coats lost their coarseness and turned smooth and silky, their eyes stopped running and their breath improved significantly – especially with our Chihuahua. She used to be able to clear the room with her bad breath! Now raw meaty bones have helped clean her teeth and eliminate the build up of plaque and tartar. Our dogs have gone from surviving on kibble to thriving on raw.

Much research and consulting with seasoned raw feeders followed. Seeking out top quality, human-grade meat with no chemicals or fillers became our number one priority. We wanted to be absolutely confident that the meat, bones and all related products we were feeding our dogs came from trustworthy sources – clean, federally and provincially inspected facilities.

 The appropriate combination of meat, organ & bone is essential in maintaining optimal health. We have found the right balance for our own dogs and would like to spread the word and help others bring out the best in their dogs. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t feed our pack – they happily report to work everyday for continuous quality control!


We are here to not only provide support and education to our customers, but to bring our service right to their front door. To get to know their dogs’ individual needs and develop an appropriate meal plan. We want to make feeding raw as easy and as