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About Us

As you could probably guess, I love animals. When I was a child, I was always finding homeless or lost cats and dogs that I would bring home in hopes of being able to keep them. Usually they were in very sad states- malnourished, dirty, and sometimes injured. Most of the time we would be able to find the rightful owner of the lost pet, but the thought of a cat or dog never being able to have the love they deserve by being cared for in a forever home broke my heart.

I have always wanted to own my own business, but it was really important to me that it gave back and supported the local communities around it. Rescue Coffee Co. does just that. We offer fair-trade organically grown coffee, roasted right in the Maritimes, and give 10% of proceeds to our partnering animal shelters. By making the choice to purchase Rescue Coffee, you're also making the choice to give farmers fair wages, support local businesses, and give a rescue animal a second chance at life. 

From all of us whom you support, we thank you.

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