Royal Canin

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Established in Canada 1999, Royal Canin continues to meet the vision of being the leader in nutritional precision for Canadian cats and dogs. In 2002, we proudly joined the MARS family of businesses, welcoming a complementary set of principles to the Royal Canin founding philosophies. 

In 2008, Royal Canin launched a state-of-the-art kibble manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario and three years later introduced a fully operational laboratory supporting all Royal Canin North American plants as well as facilities in Argentina and Brazil in one location. 

At Royal Canin Canada, you will find over 250 dedicated associates between our head office, manufacturing facility, regional laboratory, and field representatives. Our associates work together with our partners – pet stores, veterinary clinics, and breeders – to bring Royal Canin’s vision to life through mutually beneficial relationships. 

In addition to providing Canadian cats and dogs with precise nutritional solutions, our team supports Royal Canin subsidiaries around the world by exporting products to Chile, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. By the end of 2015, Canadian exports will also include Argentina, Australia, and Brazil. As part of a global organization committed to the well-being of cats and dogs, pet owners can be assured of Royal Canin’s consistently superior nutrition and commitment to food safety and product quality anywhere in the world.

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