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We were inspired to create Soos™ Pets by a rescue sheltie named Shane. When Shane was brought home from the Sheltie Rescue, his coat lacked lustre and shine and he was prone to dry, sensitive skin and irritated paws. Shane was also adopted late in life and as an older dog, Shane’s joints had become tired and sore. He didn't seem to have the same vitality and vigor that we would have hoped he had just a few years ago.


Shane's condition made us realize that there were many wellness products made from natural ingredients available for humans but not very many for dogs and cats. This led to the founding of Soos Pets.

After looking at countless products available internationally, we sourced what we believe to be the best products in the market. The result is a carefully curated line of Dead Sea products for pets that boast simple, natural, plant based ingredients and that are engineered to address and treat the individual, complex needs of every pet.

At Soos™, we truly believe in natural, plant based alternatives as a means to ensure the health and comfort of our furry family members. Soos™ employees are pet parents too so we know just how much of an important role our pets play in our every day lives. Our pets love us unconditionally so we feel that is our responsibility to give back to them by providing products that promote good health and a long life for all pets.


Our goal is simple; to provide pet owners and retailers with superior and unique products made from ingredients that come from the earth so that we can do our part in improving the life of as many animals as possible.

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