Sunday Pets

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A study by mathematicians has shown that Sunday is our happiest day Researchers at the University of Vermont analyzed 2.4 million blogs and Internet messages by counting the number of positive and negative words used. The study had shown that Sunday is the day we love the most! And the same should goes for our furry friends!


Their ‘woofs’ and ‘meows’ sound happier on Sundays too!

Most of us are really busy with work during weekdays and have very little time to spend with our pets. While we are working, our furry friends are usually alone at home and sleeping. Not to worry – they understand this! They still look forward to see us when we return home and happily run to greet us each time. For their dedication, love and kindness, we would make it a weekly affair to spend quality time bonding with them when we are not working on Sundays. Keep them happy and make them a part of our family.

While some of us will spend time bonding with our fur kids in the park, playing fetch or simply having a good stroll, many of us will allocate Sundays to nourish their food with a variety of natural flavors to expand their palate and a right balance of nutrients for a healthy diet.

With Sunday Pets, everyday is a Sunday for your furry friends – you can still give them something that’s healthy, nutritious and tasty even if you are too busy to make their meal yourself.


Ways to spend Sunday with our Pets

1. Playing in the park – When Sundays come, do some stuff and have fun at the nearest park. Your dogs will love running around freely playing fetch, especially when they are with you. Like you, your dogs need to exercise and stretch their muscles to stay healthy.

2. Nourishing their food – Make your fur kids feel that you care for them by giving them their favorite food. Add a variety to their usual fare with fresh greens and meat or enhance the taste with home-cook style food. Alternatively, feed them with healthier kibbles that are oven-baked, uses fresh real meat and organic ingredients.

3. Regular health checks – Make sure your pets are always in the pink of health by simply bringing them to veterinary clinic for usual check-ups – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4. Grooming your pets – Keep your furry companions looking gorgeous and smelling good for the entire week. Bath time is another good way to bond with them your fur kids or check them in at grooming salon to get a trim or massage.

5. Shopping together – Another great way to enjoy your Sundays is simply shopping together with your pets. Besides buying them new accessories, clothes, foods , this is also a wonderful way to hang out together.

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