The Barkery

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We are a full-scale, all natural, family owned, CANADIAN bakery for your fuzzy friend/dog. Since opening our doors in 2001, The Barkery’s freshly baked, home made treats have become The Bark of the Town!

At The Barkery, our mission is to provide dogs and dog owners with delicious, nutritious and healthy treats. We are committed to offering a healthy alternative to mass-produced dog treats- which means our undecorated treats have no added sugar, no corn, no salt and no artificial flavours . Our decorated treats have some sugar in the yogurt and carob chips but there is no food colouring in them. We use all natural vegetable based powders to get the colours that you see. All of our baking is hand made and hand decorated.
Our treats are so healthy and nutritious that you may want to sneak a bite (and don’t worry – we won’t tell!!)

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