Tiki Cat

Min: C$0 Max: C$40


Pet food that makes a statement. Nutrition that makes a difference. Tiki Dog and Tiki Cat foods are made using real, whole ingredients you recognize, with high protein and no grains, to meet their biological needs while indulging their senses.


Can pet food be glamorous? We like to think so. 

Don’t get us wrong, this is serious nutrition. All Tiki Dog and Tiki Cat foods mimic cats and dogs’ natural diets – high protein, grain free and low carbohydrates. It also means they are minimally-processed and use real, whole ingredients you’ll recognize. No fillers, white potatoes, rice, wheat, hormones or preservatives. Our ingredient sources use sustainable farming and fishing practices, and our products are hand-packed in a human-grade-certified facility. 

Phew! How’s that for some nutrition? Now, here’s your pet’s favorite part – it tastes AMAZING. Wet food, dry food, treats and toppers with over 40 mouthwatering flavor choices, including ingredients like tender chicken, flaked tilapia, nutrient-rich liver and pumpkin, and a variety of tantalizing textures, from silky-smooth to hearty chunks. 

Gourmet meals with the nutrition pets need and the exciting flavors they want. So, yes, it is glamorous, and our pets deserve it. After all, life’s too short to eat boring food. Say Aloha to Real Food. 

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