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More than 30 years ago, Pat and Bob Lugo turned their love for dog sledding into a family-owned business that would feed their newfound passion – and provide equipment for their 50-plus dogs. The Minnesota couple purchased a harness business, Katmai Kennels, and made harnesses, collars, leads and boots out of their home with the help of their four children.

Bob was an avid racer and competed with the dogs throughout the winter season. When the family traveled to the sled dograces, they would sell their hand-crafted dog equipment from the back of their truck. On the weekends that the family wasn’t involved in a race, they skijored on nearby trails. Bob Lugo is shown driving a 14-dog team below.

Mushing served as the foundation of the company and together, the Lugo family created a culture that focused on providing quality, durable and functional dog gear. Eventually, the Lugo’s daughter, Lisa, took over the business, which is now known as Ultra Paws®. Because Lisa and her husband have always had a variety of dogs, she decided to expand the company’s product offerings to include gear that is suitable for all active dogs. Manufacturing initially occurred in Minnesota, but the demand for products quickly outpaced production, and manufacturing was outsourced. Today, Ultra Paws is nationally known for its full range of dog gear, including boots, coats and fun accessories.

The company, which sells its products in retail and e-commerce stores across the world, continues to be headquartered in northern Minnesota, recently renovating an abandoned office/warehouse into their new world headquarters (photo below). 

All of Ultra Paws® products are designed and tested in Minnesota where we serve our  customers with product development, manufacturing coordination, sales, warehousing,  and distribution. 

 You’ll see photographs of our dogs throughout the Web site. Each one,  like children, has  a unique personality and an interesting story.

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