Chilly Dog - Classics Boyfriend Grey

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Hand knit wool dog sweater in a variety of sizes. 

Size Guide:

XXS is 8-9" long and 5" wide for a 2-5lbs dog

XS is 12-13" long and 6" wide for a 5-10lbs dog

S is 15-17" long and 8.5" wide for a 10-18lbs dog

M is 19-21" long and 10" wide for an 18-28lbs dog

L is 23-25" long and 10.5" wide for a 28-40lbs dog

XL is 27-29" long and 11" wide for a 40-60lbs dog

XXL is 30-33" long and 13" wide for a 60-80lbs dog

XXXL is 36-38" long and 14.5" wide for an 80-120lbs dog

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