Mojo Pet Supplements - Duck Treats Mojo 116g

Mojo Pet Supplements+ are the “newest monthly rotational humane-grade Duck, Chicken, Beef Liver, Salmon and/or Liver Snap pure hemp infused supplements" in pet care giving for dogs and cats.

Quantity: 3

100% All natural nutritional support, incredibly high in protein, fibre, and minerals. As well, high in Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 and the essential vitamins A, D3, E & B. A group of vitamins that play a major role in your pets health & well-being.

Mojo Pet Supplements+ are an All-In-One-Bite; uniquely formulated for your dog(s) and cat(s) daily nutritional needs and more to help support; Joint health and mobility, calming, muscle health, skin & coat development, cardiovascular health,  vitality levels, immune system, digestion and may promote relaxation.

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