Puppy Socialization Module (5 Weeks)

These classes combine basic puppy behaviours with appropriate, safely monitored play periods between suitably matched puppies in class. Focus will be on safe and proper socialization, education of the handlers in body language, appropriate safe play, basic training and prevention of problem behaviours as puppies mature. Basic behaviours include sit, down, stay, come, hand targeting and leash handling skills. There will be time for handler’s questions at the beginning of each session, but they will be limited so as to prevent run over of time to the next class.

Handlers will be expected to bring adequate and appropriate reinforcements for class (pieces of very finely cut up treats that have higher value to their individual puppy), one favourite toy and a chew stick or stuffed Kong Toy. Equipment needed will be a four to six foot leash, a treat pouch or fanny pack and a flat collar or harness. If you do not have these, please get in touch with us as we carry a variety of quality treats and training pouches in our Zendog store. Aversive equipment such as chain collars, prongs or head halters will not be appropriate for class.

All class registrants will receive by email, prior to the first class, a series of handouts to read that will cover basic learning theory (what is positive reinforcement etc), basic puppy behaviour and development and the basic training terms that will be used in class.

For everyone’s safety and comfort it is expected that all handlers will keep their puppy from interacting with the other puppies unless it is “play” time for them and the instructor will encourage focusing on your puppy and its behaviour at all times.

5 Sessions, 1 hour long each, Time for completion: 5 Weeks

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